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Vector inverter owners manual

The inverter housed in IP00 (18.5kW or over) should be installed in a place where no one can touch it easily.
When changing manual installation owners bracket position, use the owners attached screws, as injury may result.(The casing fixing screws cannot be directly inverter used for some models.U, V, W Inverter output terminals Connected with three-phase motor.2) Do not connect a phase advancing capacitor or surge absorber (suppressor) to the inverter output terminals.(3) The product will be often exposed to moisture or dust if left mounted on a unit or console, especially in a building under construction.0-13 15 Contents Instructions Safety Instructionss.Do not connect the AC power supply inverter to the output terminals (U, V, and W as injury may result.Related manuals, do you need a help?Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project.It may be externally cooled using inverter the optional adapter inverter if 15kW or lower or with the mounting legs relocated.5kW or higher.Refer to the VG7S user's manual about a set value of motor constant function (F04,F05, and P03 to P25).Connecting any power supply lead to another terminal may fail the inverter. To prevent washer this, the same AC voltage as washer used for the main circuit is applied to the auxiliary control power input terminals, R0 and.
Do not start or load stop the inverter using the main circuit power.
In case of using auxiliary control-power input (R0,T0 connect it referring to Instruction Manual Basic connection diagram Fig Solid state motor overload protection is provided in each model.
The heat is radiated from the top.
Instructions on installation Mount this inverter on an incombustible material such as metal.
Motor model Inverter model Capacity (kw) 200V series 400V series Motor production company MVK8187A FRN30VG7S-2/4 30 Fuji Electric Motor.,Ltd.Note 2: Fix the legs with leg fixing screws.See Users Manual : MHT263 for details.There is a risk of fire.(2) kcss The grounding terminal must be grounded to prevent disasters such as electric shock and manual fire and reduce the noise.If it is taken from a point upstream the filter, the noise reduction effect is impaired.DC reactor (DCR) G Braking resistor DB ZZ P1 P DB N( ) P DB 2 1 (CM) (THR) Figure Connection Diagram (For 200V, 55kW or Lower and 400V, 110kW or Lower Inverters) Do not directly connect the braking resistor to the DC terminals,.When using pre-excitation, therefore, also use the mechanical brake.MVK9224A FRN55VG7S-2/4 55 MVK9254A FRN75VG7S-2/4 75 MVK9256A FRN90VG7S-2/4 90 MVK9284A vector FRN110VG7S MVK9286A FRN132VG7S MVK931LA FRN160VG7S MVK931MA FRN200VG7S MVK931NA FRN220VG7S No change 1-5 Changed Changed Japan Motor Generator Co, Ltd.DC reactor (DCR) xternal braking resistor DB P1 P N( ) P DB P R DB P N( ) 2 1 (CM) 2 1 (THR) Braking unit kcss BU Figure Connection Diagram (200V, 75kW or Higher and 400V, 132kW or Higher Inverters) *More than one braking.2-2 24 To externally cool a for.5kW to 630kW inverter, relocate the upper and lower mounting inverter legs as shown in Figure Remove the mounting leg fixing screws, relocate the legs, and fix with casing fixing screws.Do not install or operate a damaged inverter or an inverter with missing parts, as injury may result.