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Treasure mountain math game

Treasure Mountain is a fun educational adventure in the math successful "Super Solvers" series from The Learning Company.
The keys are hidden somewhere behind an object on each level of treasure the mountain.Replay Value: Given the length of the game, kids might hesitate before playing it again.He, the Master of Mischief, stole the crown and treasure hid the treasures math of the mountain.Designed for kids ages 5 to mountain 9, children will be captivated by the game's vibrant graphics, fun gameplay that game combines platform action with math problems, and excellent on-line help.But beware; collecting toys and getting to the next level can be addicting, especially when you realize that you're just one more trip up the mountain to the next level.Treasure Mountain is the third installment of the Super treasure Solvers series. The player starts out owners with 10 nets, and can get another ten nets per level by throwing 4 coins on the ground near the net cave.
The background music is nice and not irritating.
Enjoyment: A harry bit repetitive, but very enjoyable.
Treasure Mountain is the forerunner to the popular kids game Treasure Cove.
Contact:, done.005 seconds.More coins are gained if that elf is carrying a scroll harry harry and you answer it's question correctly.Download - Easy Setup (1.58 manual MB).Online here, harry in web browser for free!Play Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain!But every elf you catch costs you a net.Three clues make a description of one of the many items in the background.Answer the elves questions and gets you a clue to where mountain the key to the next level is hidden.Treasure Mountain is a reading, thinking, and math game for children aged 5-9.You can buy new nets by dropping a number of coins near the appropriate spots, but coins are also needed to reveal the location of treasures and keys.

It teaches children aged five to nine, reading, basic math, and logic skills.
The player takes on the role of the Super Seeker once again, whose treasure mountain math game job is to find the treasures and remove the Master of Mischief from the throne.
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