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Ranger manual trans fluid change

ranger manual trans fluid change

Re: GTO52 # /12/11 06:59 manual PM 10/12/11 06:59 PM Joined: Oct 2008 Posts: fluid 1,020 New Zealand Kiwi_ME Kiwi_ME Joined: Oct 2008 Posts: 1,020 New Zealand I first heard of ATF being using in manuals in 1974.
07 Yaris 78k Chev Sup 5w30 95 Del Sol 142k Chev Sup 5w30 06 Mustang GT 70k SuperTech 5w20 93 Ranger 178k SuperTech HM 5w30 94 Ninja ZX600 80k Rotella 15w40 12 KLX250S 13k Rotella 15w40 Re: ATF in manual transmission?A dedicated manual trans fluid is all I will use.But some very high end manual trans fluids are reddish!It may specify manual ATF for the manual manual transmission.We've detected some suspicious activity coming from your IP address and have temporarily blocked it as a security precaution.We believe that lasting business relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, and that customer service is of the utmost importance.1995 Toyota.4SRX Hilux(22R Engine) 20i Hilux 4x4(3RZ-FE) 1985 fluid Suzuki DR600S 1984 Honda ATC200ES BIG RED, delo 400 15w40 in all of the above.Usep produces over 5500 diesel and gas engines change each year in all makes and sizes and inventories approximately 1200 units.As a tangent to this change thread i used to admix a little bit of atf into my mt to correct winter starup shifting.Re: ueberooo # /09/11 01:37 PM 10/09/11 01:37 PM Joined: Nov trans 2009 Posts: 124 Cape Town, South Africa GTO52 OP GTO52 OP Joined: Nov 2009 Posts: 124 Cape Town, South Africa Manual doesn't spec ATF, I know as I have changed the oil a few.ATF is used in loads of manual trannys/transaxles nowadays. Joined: Jun 2009, posts: 1,691, virginia, keygen jRed.
But is NOT the best.
It is NOT what engineers say is the pinnacle of protection and perfectly shifting.
Check your manual to see what fluid yor mt takes.
So ATF is a reasonable choice for them.
Re: GTO52 # /09/11 01:30 PM change 10/09/11 01:30.
Joined: May 2009, posts: 702, portland, Oregon ueberooo ueberooo, joined: May 2009, posts: 702, portland, Oregon usually red yes.
Welcome to US Engine Production, uS Engine Production has been a trusted provider of new and pronounce remanufactured high quality engines at competitive prices for over 35 years.Re: GTO52 # /10/11 11:47 AM 10/10/11 11:47 AM Joined: Sep 2006 Posts: 19,479 Chicago Area mechtech2 mechtech2 Joined: Sep 2006 Posts: 19,479 Chicago Area It is almost a sure thing that ATF is in your tranny.I do not believe it is best, but just adequate to pretty good.It's still a GL-4 gear oil so if the viscosity is sufficient for the gear tooth loading than I certainly don't see a problem and hitchhikers it can only make the shifting better.I rep d the transmission at my clutch change and no longer need to do this.We also offer transmissions, change parts and accessories such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps, water pumps and turbochargers.Re: GTO52 # /09/11 01:25 PM 10/09/11 01:25.But why not go to the dealer and talk to them about.Yes, there are a few trannys that need specific ATF.Our production facility is 180,000 square feet and located in Vassar french Michigan, with corporate operations perfectly in Lindenhurst New York.