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Patch 1.1 across america

patch 1.1 across america

Mouse/Wheel/Controller: Fixed Logitech Momo wheel not being properly detected.
Camera in Main Menu tweaked to offer better view of the across truck.
Fixed a truck dealer becoming discovered across on the map near Miami when it shouldn't.
Fixed very rare crashing bug.Nvidia TNT graphics driver glitch workaround: chrome should now work in both across OpenGL and DirectX, may need to use "Set HW Defaults" button in the quick graphics setup window across when launching the game to re-detect graphics capabilities.Download and Save the file to your desktop or other favorite place.Graphics Setup command from Windows Start menu - 18 america WoS AA will properly launch patch the utility now if the user previously across selected "Do not show this dialog next time was not working as intended before.Cheats: - Cheats: "cheat money dealers drivers stars".Cheats: - Cheats working again, slightly different though: cheat money, dealers, drivers.Graphics Setup command from Windows Start menu - 18 WoS AA will properly launch the utility now if the user previously selected "Do not show this dialog next time was not working as intended in ver.0.Mouse/Wheel/Controller: - Fixed Logitech Momo wheel not being properly detected.Fixed AI truck drivers getting into accidents on their own sometimes causing prestige loss for the player by mistake even when he/she is not to blame., rain sound stops across playing earlier when the rain is ceasing.Added Show Room to main menu.Truck windows made a bit more translucent.Fixed minor sound issue. Patch.10, download patch.10 (9MB copyright: The Patches Scrolls).
Faster loading of JPG format textures.
Follow nilsenpdf the onscreen instructions.
18 WoS Across America list of fixes - patch version.8.
Fixed graphics corruption on the Truck Dealer marker symbol.
Jukebox track resumes after unpause, notebook close, game menu close.
Small "1.8" for version number displayed in lower right corner of the Main Menu screen.
Also known as:, belongs model to Series: 18 Wheels of Steel.Trucks page in Notebook: buttons help texts changed to better manual differentiate between replacing an existing truck or buying an additional one, also a better explanation in the warning box owners that no suitable driver is available when trying to buy a truck.Turn signals state now showing in HUD display.Graphics Options screen reworked, there are now Low, Medium and High buttons there to globally affect all detail settings, each manual setting can books then be tweaked individually.Fixed wheels sometimes disappearing for trailers.Fixed DirectX renderer bug causing the screen to just go black.Speed limit signs added in some places.More signs added into the map to warn about Weigh Station nearby.Moved the marker for Repair a bit towards the road on both-sides highway fuel station.Showing more detailed wheels with chrome on them even on medium detail settings, people complaining manual about slow framerate on high detail should switch to medium, they won't lose their chrome on wheels.Shutdown code revised in the hope of improving stability.Temkin_ MB :30 temkin_88 Reggae, Dancehall, Dub (lossless) (Roots Reggae) CD Steel Pulse - Babylon The Bandit - 1985, flac.Fixed a bug with "cloned" drivers and trucks.

Saving: - Storing windshield wipers state in saved game.
Options: Added traffic density option.
Community sites: not listed, please submit any patch 1.1 across america corrections, additions, requests and missing downloads on this page to us through our.