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Panasonic 5.8 ghz owners manual tga650b

Not dispose manual of the owners battery(ies) in a fire.
LDo not panasonic overload power outlets and extension tgab cords.Do not owners use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.Do not connect the AC adaptor to a ceiling-mounted AC outlet, as the weight of the adaptor may cause it to become disconnected.Installation, connecting owners the Charger unit, uSE only with Panasonic AC adaptor KX-TCA1 (Order.4.Exercise care in handling batteries in order not to short owners the battery to conductive materials such as rings, bracelets, and keys.Warning: TO prevent fire OR shock hazard, DO NOT expose this product TO rain OR ANY type OF moisture.Accumulated dust may cause an insulation defect from moisture, etc. KX-TG4392AL, model shown is KX-TG4381AL.
Check delta with local codes for possible special disposal instructions.
This installation manual only describes the steps necessary to start up the handset.
Arge the battery(ies) provided with or identified for use with this force product crack only in accordance with the instructions and patch limitations specified in this manual.
Operating safeguards LUnplug the product from power outlets before cleaning.
LCoverage delta and voice quality depends on the local environmental conditions.
31 Listening to messages using the handset.The AC adaptor must remain connected at all times.View all the pages Page of webroot 52 This unit is compatible with Caller.Unplug the AC adaptor from the AC power outlet.Please call 1-800-8-batteryfor information on how to recycle this battery.This installation manual only describes the steps necessary to start up the handset.12 Battery installation and replacement.This can result in the risk of fire or electric shock.Not open or mutilate the battery(ies).15 Making/Answering Calls Making calls.Pqke10377Z5, aC Adaptor 2 1 1, pQQX14269YA, kX-TGA650, power Outlet (AC 120 webroot V, 60 Hz).(It is normal for the adaptor to feel warm during use.).