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Neverwinter nights 2 1.11 patch

neverwinter nights 2 1.11 patch

Fixed issue for non-English versions where some required toolset preferences were not being loaded.
Added in party bar.
Act 3 Edit The game could sometimes become stuck when patch leaving neverwinter Fire Giant camp through the nights Area Transition this will no longer occur.
It will only list the connected players in the game and not who is in your faction.Fixed an issue that caused the 2d/3d bias option setting to not save.Server Administrators can specify two URLs in this menu: One, intended to point to their servers homepage, if patch it has one, and one intended to directly point to the servers latest PWC file.Finger of Death affects neverwinter players in multiplayer mode now.The paralysis effect has been replaced patch with an immobilization effect.Fixed a bug where placed instances of stores weren't copying the "infinite" flag for items.Items Edit Changed Holy Avenger bonus damage from 1d6 to 2d6.A setting of 1 will cause the game to pause when losing focus.Spells that have multiple casting modes can now be neverwinter cast from items (i.e., protection from evil, meteor swarm).Trees throughout the game should look better as many of the tree textures and models have been revamped to be more visually appealing.Fixed Doom, so saving throw isn't rolled if spell is blocked by spell resistance or immunity.This mode is useful for getting a good look at your surroundings and exploring an area while focused on controlling an individual character.Scripting Edit Strings that contain a pure number will no longer be converted to an empty string when passed into a script expecting a string parameter.Fixed a bug in the Crossroad Keep report that showed the Walls as ruined when they have been upgraded.Adding a new entry in the journal, when another entry is currently nights selected, will add the new entry to the parent category of the selected entry. New Druid Spells Druids have been granted 9 new spells, one for each level.
Wall of Fire damage will now be handbook capped properly at 2d620 (and fiat not at just 20).
Missile Storm will no longer target friendlies on hardcore mode.
Mirror Image can now be properly dispelled and will now work properly when maximized.
Warlock Darkness now has the grand same targeting UI as arcane Darkness.
Or if other people want to know: if you city have only the original game and no expansion packs you have to download the nwn2_pc files.
This feature can be accessed by right clicking on a neverwinter creature or blueprint entry.
NPC casters game can no longer affect themselves with AOE spells in Hardcore difficulty NPCs of non-opposed factions can no longer affect each other with AOE spells in Hardcore difficulty Added additional effects and fixed parameter listing for ga_effect.Shadow Simulacrum will now copy creatures up to twice the caster level, not half the caster level.Greater Fireburst will no longer damage the caster on hardcore difficulty.Compile All Scripts now compiles campaign scripts too.Use Magic Device checks, when casting from scrolls, will no longer override caster classes.The Sealed Passage in the Middle Barrow is no longer referred spider to as sealed once it has been opened.Hovering over a property sheet value in the toolset will now correctly display any truncated text as a tooltip.Bronze Dragon - New Creature!