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Question: How much resources does * SA-MP * consume?
Chat entry andreas improved, it allows upto 128 character messages, supports selection, copy and paste etc.rcon reloadlog Clear the servers log (server_log.This automatic installation process should place a game shortcut named samp on your desktop, if it's not there check your GTA San Andreas directory.This is game important as SA-MP needs the core San Andreas files to run.A lot of andreas playing SA-MP involves knowledge of single player itself, such as where things are (e.g.To open the chat input box, press T,.The 'Hosted' tab game is a special game list andreas of servers who have paid to appear on it to gain visibility.rcon reloadbans Reloads bans. Edit it with your favourite text redactor and wiring provide a required ID (see above) in / levelID wiring /.
Answer: To ban a player, specify one of the wiring following commands /ban IP or /ban nick, or /ban.
Fixed nametags with no player issue.
You should see the manual following window with your San Andreas directory pre-selected.
rcon say house Type Test as admin in the chat.
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Different skins may also have different weapons; it is all server-specific.Screenshots should be saved in My Documents in the 'GTA San Andreas User Filessamp' folder.In some gamemodes, classes/skins do not have any special abilities, weapons or roles - it is simply a cosmetic choice.Start the server in the background mode:./samp02Xsvr Monitoring the processes.A car printer mod shop crash applying certain car mods has been fixed.Question: What is required disk space?If all goes well, this will load up the game and connect you to the selected server.If you need more help check the forum.rcon cmdlist List all the commands.The name tag drawing distance can be set from the server.