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Marquis spa owners manual

Long hair should be restrained in a bathing cap, never owners allow it to float freely in the spa.
Suction through the fittings can be strong.
The safety covers must remain in place and undam- aged.
If you plan to turn the spa marquis off, follow the instructions in this manual for winterizing marquis your spa.These are openings through which the jet-pumps draw water.A fitting with a damaged cover can be danger- ous, especially to small marquis children or people with long hair.Overheating, owners in the case of extended hot weather, the spa water temperature may reach and maintain manual 104 F to 106.See Control panel section in the Series.In areas with extreme cold winter conditions, your spa should be fine as long as it is left running at normal operating temperatures, or see your dealer for an optional freeze sensor.You may also have the option of shortening the pump-run time.Suction fittings, there are suction fittings in the footwell of your spa.Filter cartridge, your portable manual spa is equipped with the Constant Clean.THE filter marquis for complete instructions).Shut -OFF valves, your spa is equipped with shut-off valves (see equipment diagram in the Series Manual) that shut off the water flow to the equipment system for dealer service.Replace any missing or damaged suction covering. Be sure the valves are fully open.
Should any part of the body become drawn to marquis a fitting, turn the jet-pump off immediately.
At times, a new spa manual or one that has recently been serviced, may have the shut-off valves partially closed which can restrict the water flow and hinder jet performance.
Spas use #5040,.
They have been equipped with safety covers.Page 10, installation, instructions (continued marquis filtration system.The simplest solution to this heat buildup is, lifting the spa draw cover a few inches for several hours to allow the heat to escape.Note: It manual is manual very important that the components of these filtration systems be owners installed properly in the proper part of the spa (see jetting diagram and removing.Freeze protection, when a freeze condition is detected (which occurs when the temperature in the heater manual housing drops to 55 F) the jet pump(s) is automatically activated.This is due to the ambient temperature and the full insulation in the spa cabinet.Manual for available options.Depending on your spa model, it will feature one or two Vortex filter(s) that includes Hi-Flo Vortex skimmer(s) and filament filter cartridge(s).There Are Suction Fittings In The Footwell Of Your.