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Marc ecko's getting up pc game

As a mixture of third-person fighting, Prince of Persia-like acrobatics, and frequent stops to game marc get your name up on various surfaces around the near-future city of New Radius, theres a good deal getting of variety to the action in the game.
Love getting Triangle : Between Trane, Gabe and Gabe's girlfriend Tina.
Non-Action Big Bad : Sung doesn't get involved directly with Trane, instead sending his goons to deal with him.Fans eckos usually just refer to it as "Getting Up"."X" game Marks the Hero : Trane sports an orange X on the back of his hoodie.In Case You Forgot Who Wrote game It : Yes, Marc Eck's name features getting prominently in a title which is already a mouthful.Stout Strength : Beth is a vandal police chief that fights hand to hand with dual batons. Home pC this page contains Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under counter Pressure Passwords for PC called "Passwords Mode" and game has transmission been posted or updated on Feb 26, 2009 by Joelipoo.
It centres on an up-and-coming young graffiti artist named Coltrane "Trane" Crowley (voiced by Talib Kweli who is determined to make a name for himself in the fictional dystopic city of New Radius, while leading his graffiti crew the Still Free Crew (SFC).
However, Decoy is dead, Trane has lost all of his friends and he Did Not Get the Girl.
Big Brother Is Watching strike : Mayor Sung and the CCK are depicted like this.
Stealth manual Mentor : Decoy is one to Trane.
Yeah, they're definitely dead.I wish I was smart enough to appreciate that then.Justified to an extent, because at least one graffiti artist in the city has major dirt on Mayor Sung.Back to all Cheats » Ask a Question Stuck in this game?Improvised Weapon : Trane can use just about anything as a weapon: 2x4, bin lids, lengths of pipe, trophies, basketballs, his own graffiti tools and.February 21, 2006, contributor: TNT, downloaded: 22288 times.Product Placement : Extensive, and one of the most frequently criticized aspects of the game.How We Got Here : The game opens with a cutscene that takes place immediately before the Final Boss.From the Main Menu, select Load Game (Load Any Profile) Options Codes.Ask A Question Here!Red-Headed Stepchild : One of the subway maintenance engineers, upon spotting the player character, shouts at him: "I'm gonna beat you like the red-headed stepchild I never had!" Roaring Rampage of Revenge : After Decoy's death, Trane embarks on a mission to expose Sung's strike crimes.But never fearyoull eventually deduce how, exactly, Trane got himself into that mess.PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, developed by The Collective in collaboration with fashion designer form and entrepeneur Marc Eck.The game essentially becomes Turk 182 at some point.