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Manual for teclock gage

Our standard version is the peak pointer type which has two manual indicators for easy reading of the maximum value even on softer materials with teclock higher elasticity.
This manual is commonly referred to as a lazy arm.
There are 2 kinds of Dial.01mm,.001mm for both analog and digital.The stroke depends on size of work manual piece gage gage and a model is available to measure maximum thickness up to 50mm.As operation is easy, it can measure for a short period compared with micrometer.Holding work piece between stylus and anvil, read the value directly.This can be used for various thickness measurement such as paper, hair, rubber gage manual plate metal tube small molded components.Truncated cone indenter.79mm 35 180g.Specifications: Shore A, jIS, aSTM D 2240, peak pointer type (lazy arm). Contact point moves to upward when lifting lever is pressed down, and contact point returns to zero when it is released.
The Teclock GS-719G can also office be mounted into a test stand for accurate, manual repeatable batch testing.
We offer a measurable lineup up to 450mm from the office minimum 6mm depending on the office size of the inner diameter.
Dial Indicator is used by being fitted to jig etc., while thickness gauge is held with our hand.The teclock measurement accuracy varies depending on scale interval (resolution) of the dial gauge to be used.The Teclock GS-719G is a precision mechanical dial type Durometer that is manufactured in Japan to the highest of standards.The guide plate guides the center of the gauge head and conversion rod diameter gage portion of the bore (automatic centering mechanism convey a displacement of the probe perpendicular converted dial gauge in one-to-one by the cam mechanism, reads the displacement of the dial gauge.Cylinder gauge is a comparison measuring device for measuring the inner diameter of the hole by comparison with a master gauge (micrometer ring gauge, etc.).The base is wide with a 40mm x 16mm footprint for extra stability when testing print rollers.Manual, operation type Durometer Stand.Thank you for your purchasing our Dial Tension.Always include this manual if you transfer or lend this product to any third party.The guide plate guides the center of the gauge head and conversion rod diameter portion of the bore (automatic centering mechanism convey a displacement.Teclock has been the manufacturer of a wide variety of precision gages for over.Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair.Push Pull Tension, gauge of, teclock, patch Check out the variety of configurable, Push Pull Tension.

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