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Manual and psb bosch drill

The voltage of manual the power source must agree with the voltage specified on the nameplate of the machine.
Drücken Sie die Spindel-Arretiertaste 2 mehrmals, während Sie das Schnellspann- bohrfutter 1 leicht hin und her drehen.
Replacing the Drill Chuck (PSB 650 RE/.The drill chuck must be tightened with a tightening manual torque of approx.The selector manual switch 4 engages noticeably and can manual also be actuated with the machine bosch running.To remove the drilling tool, repeat above mentioned steps.Place the machine on a stable surface,.Bosch Power Tools, operation, starting Operation, observe correct mains voltage!Sie das Schnellspannbohrfutter 1 drehen.Before switching the machine on again, take care that the spindle lock button 2 is no longer pressed.Öffnen Sie jetzt das Schnellspannbohrfutter 1 und spannen Sie das Einsatzwerkzeug ein.Hold manual the machine firmly and loosen the keyless chuck 2 by turning the Allen key 25 in rotation direction.Sobald Sie die Spindel-Arretiertaste 2 ein- drücken können, drehen Sie das Schnell- spannbohrfutter 1 weiter in eine Richtung, bis Sie die Spindel-Arretiertaste 2 vollständig nach unten manual drücken können.Setting the Operating Mode Drilling and Screwdriving Set the selector switch 4 to the "Drill- ing" symbol.Loosen a tight keyless chuck by giv- ing the long end of the Allen key 25 a light blow.Mounting the Drill Chuck (see figure M). To lock the management pressed On/Off switch 8, press the lock-on button.
Clamp the short end of an Allen key 25 into the keyless chuck.
Left Rotation: For chip loosening and unscrewing screws and nuts, press the rotational manual direction switch 7 through to the right stop.
Now, open the keyless chuck 1 and clamp the drilling tool.
Before inserting the drilling tool, close the keyless chuck 1 until the drilling spindle also turns.
Zum Entnehmen des toyota Einsatzwerkzeuges wie- derholen Sie die oben games genannten Schritte.
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To switch off the machine, release the On/Off switch 8 or when it is locked with the lock-on button 6, briefly press the On/Off switch 8 and then release.PSB 6500 RE/PSB 650 RA removing the Drill Chuck bosch (see figure L).The rotational direction switch 7 is used to re- verse the rotational direction of the machine.Mounting the Drill Chuck (see figure K).Right Rotation: For drilling and driving in screws, push the rotational direction switch 7 left to the stop.

The spindle lock button 2 can only be pressed when the ma- chine is at standstill.
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Sie können die Spindel-Arretiertaste 2 nur bei.