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Honda civic auto to manual swap

Here is a pic to honda tell civic the different.
Just flip the cable over and push out the pin.Now civic the brakes are auto like the gas.You are honda going to need to get a pin honda to hold the clutch to the peddle.Also there are some coolant lines manual civic attached to the transmission. Modified by Luserkid emulator at 11:59 AM 3/2/2006 Modified by Luserkid at 11:33 episodio AM 3/3/2006 Modified by Luserkid at 11:08 PM 7/27/2006 Modified by Luserkid at 11:10 PM 7/27/2006 Modified by Luserkid at 9:23 AM 8/2/2006 Modified by Luserkid at 4:37 PM 10/4/2006 Modified by Luserkid.
Now you could probably use these from kids a 92-95 and crack just get a SS line and run it straight from the MC to the.
But put on the flywheel bolts like this:.
I could give an rats * what you heard this is the parts that are needed and what were used and what was not used.
Step 7: Get under the car serie and unbolt your auto subframe.
Come out from the fuse box emulator a little and cut both of them.The smoother the [email protected] m/new-products/ Finally had time to begin the manual swap!Becareful because the coolant will still spill a litte.Clutch Master/Slave Cylinder: Here you absolutly need one from a 96-00 Because the lines are completely patch different.Once u find this connector, pull it out.Total Work Time: about 8 to 10 hours.You will need a 17mm socket, needle nose, 17mm wrench, and a 1/2 ratchet.When its off make sure there is NO gasket on the head so you could have a good seal.Dont worry about it take your time and just tell your friend to pull and pull because more then likely they dont have enough room to bend the lines.