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English phrases and idioms pdf

Couldnt care less To show indifference to english something or a total lack of interest I couldnt care less if Harry comes out tonight or not!
Theres a card in the post.
However, most Brits would never use this expression idioms now.
You should just let it lie.ON THE pull To go out with idioms the intention of finding someone to have sex with Those lads on the dance floor look like theyre on the pull tonight!Freak OUT english To become very angry, scared or excited (can be phrases negative or positive) I freaked out when I saw The Rolling Stones perform.Luckily the wedding is just a stones throw from our hotel so we can walk there.SIT tight To wait patiently Sit tight!GO cold turkey To suddenly and completely stop using an addictive substance I gave up smoking by going cold turkey ; it was phrases difficult but it was also the only thing that worked for.FIT aiddle To be in good physical health Hes in his 90s, but hes fit as a fiddle!Face THE music To accept responsibility for something bad you have done Im meeting Hannah tonight and its the first time Ill have seen her since our argument.Missing that plane turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got to spend more time with my family.Im not sure that was the case, but lets give her the benefit of the doubt.SIT ON THE fence To adopt a position of compromise, take neither stance on an issue, not yes or no There are a lot of people phrases still sitting on the fence over Brexit.Weve got plenty of time.BOG-standard Something that is very ordinary or basic, nothing special Despite idioms the excellent reviews, we thought the restaurant was just bog-standard. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures!
Glad TO SEE THE back OF To phrases be happy that you no longer have to deal with someone I was very glad to see the back of John because he made the atmosphere in the office so uncomfortable.
LET someone OFF THE hook To avoid being punished for something or to avoid doing something It was my turn to do the washing-up, but mum let me off the hook because I wasnt feeling well.
HIT THE books To start studying seriously After dinner Im really going to hit the books.
SEE EYE TO EYE To agree with someone We dont see eye to eye when it comes to politics, but I do like her as a person.127.splash OUT To spend a lot of money on something We splashed out on new phones for the whole family.Clam UP To become silent or stop talking When Bill came into the room, Jenny just seemed to clam.78.HIT THE nail ON THE head english To be completely right or correct about something I think Lucy hit the nail on the head when she said theres no such thing as an ideal school.NO-brainer An easy decision, something you dont need to think too hard about Person A: Do you think I should get travel insurance before I go to Nigeria?Calpadpade To state the truth about something even phrases if its unpopular or unpleasant I know hes your brother, but lets call a spade a spade : hes pretty lazy.Better late than never!Actions speak louder than words means that what someone does is more important than what they Think Say Believe If youre beating about the bush youre talking about unimportant things because you want to avoid talking about something important being aggressive when youre speaking and.Jump ship To leave english or abandon a difficult situation I dont think the company is going to survive.Chinese whispers Information or rumours that have been passed on by many people and are no longer reliable John and Maggie from the office havent actually announced theyre getting a divorce.Beat about THE bush To talk about unimportant things because youre avoiding a particular topic Stop beating about the bush!

Person B: Sounds like a lot of english phrases and idioms pdf work!
Ill mow the lawn later.
He brought only shorts and t-shirts when he went to Sweden in the winter I think he might be a sandwich short of a picnic!