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Doctor who crack in time wallpaper

( time TV : Victory of the Daleks ) Another crack opened to a vast size aboard the spaceship Byzantium in the 51st century.
( TV : The Vampires of Venice ) Some cracks acted like wormholes and time could be opened to allow a passage between the places on either side.
( TV : The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang ) Cracks also appeared on the side of Starship UK in the 33rd century ( TV : The Beast Below ) and in the Cabinet War Rooms in 1941.( TV : The Lodger ) Craig and his girlfriend Sophie were later revealed to still exist.This has led some fans to believe that it really was a crack, while others believe that the shape of the sliver of light was just a coincidence.( comic : The World wallpaper Shapers ) The Library on Kar-Charrat was protected by a time barrier projected by a time field generator; ( audio : The Genocide Machine ) the perimeter of a time loop was interchangeably referred time to as a time field, time.( audio : The Feast of Axos ) The Garvond hoped to feed on and ravage the "field of times." ( prose : The Dimension Riders ) The skull of Vilus Krull existed in a para-chronic time field, meaning doctor it existed partially outside of the.Continue browsing in r/Amoledbackgrounds 335, online, backgrounds for oled phones, mainly black for screen power wallpaper saving and contrast.( TV : The Time of the Doctor ) The Doctor discovers one final crack in the universe in Christmas.It erased time Crispin, Marco, Pedro, Phillip and many wallpaper Weeping Angels from existence, then closed. Check out the yamaha discussion page and revision history for further clues about what needs to be updated in this article.
While teguh he was on board the ship, the Doctor discovered a room of his own, ( TV : The God Complex ) which contained the illusion of a crack in time.
( TV : The Pandorica Opens ) A crack appeared on one of the walls in the temple of Artemis in 1929.
The crack subsequently absorbed Rory and erased him from existence.
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( TV : The Time of the Doctor ) According to Rosanna Calvierri, the cracks ranged in size mario from tiny to "as big as the sky and some connected to other worlds, while others led only to "silence, and the end of all things".
( TV : The Pandorica Opens ) It exploded, cracking points in time and space, some of which the Eleventh Doctor had been.The universe and the timeline were reset, all of the cracks began mario to close and the versions of Amy, Rory, and River that were relevant to the old timeline were restored to their proper places in time.( doctor TV : Closing Time ) Another crack appeared in the tardis itself whilst it was parked next to Amy's house on The tardis monitor read the time and place, and the glass cracked into the shape of the cracks.( TV : The Eleventh Hour ) A sonic screwdriver could widen a crack, and if a crack was open wide enough, the forces would invert, and the crack would snap itself shut.( comic : Bad Blood ) The time fields of Skaro were out of alignment when the planet was put into a time lock, causing various time jumps between the different times.1 According to Russell T Davies, the Doctor's closing of the cracks also closed the Cardiff Rift.( comic : The Only Good Dalek ) The Doctor's greatest owners fear is revealed to be a crack in time.

( comic : The World doctor who crack in time wallpaper Shapers ) Disruptions in Earth's temporal field threw off a series of parallel Earths, also helped by an attempt to mask the planet with a time-field.
( TV : Rise of the Cybermen ) Skak 's attempts to release Ephnol from his temporal imprisonment caused a crack in time.