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Fixed a crash when rendering Sony AVC bits format with Audio coding mode set to 1/0 (C).
Improved ProType Titler tool Closed captioning support Visual bits snapping for timeline editing Print to Tape Wizard Interactive tutorials Multithreaded audio and video crack processing Support for the bits Microsoft Image Mastering API (imapi) disc drivers.Improved GPU-accelerated video processing New!Fixed an sony issue switching to the Custom tab in Color Corrector, Color Corrector (Secondary) or with using Color Curves or Gradient Map effects.Titles Text plug-in New!Fixed incorrect output that could occur bits when GPU processing is not enabled and the Blur amount is greater than vegas zero in the Chroma Keyer effect.Fixed an issue that prevented the Color Corrector and Color Corrector (Secondary) color vegas wheels from appearing when not using the Vegas color scheme. Fixed an issue with embedded closed captioning information in rendered MXF files.
Audio Features Audio recording, editing, and mixing on unlimited tracks 24-bit/192 kHz audio support Professional owners audio mixing console.1 surround mixing tools Input busses Real-time rendering for external hardware audio effects processing Place and edit audio without quantizing to frame boundaries, while still quantizing video.
Includes native 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vegas Pro software terbaru Enhanced user interface with layout presets Impressive lighting effects including Glint, Rays, and Fill Light Browse xdcam EX and avchd contents manual in Device Explorer Scripting extensions Save and recall window layouts Flexible paint window docking Support.
Apple QuickTime.1.6 or later for reading and writing QuickTime files.Ohci-compatible ieee-1394DV suzuki card (for DV and HDV capture and print-to-tape).Per-parameter keyframing for many FX and transitions New!Fixed a owners hang that could occur when rendering when a pan/crop rectangle is moved completely off an image.Fixed a small image shift that could occur when Track Motion uradi is used and the project is rendered to a different format.Enhanced Render As dialog New!Fixed a crash that could occur when renaming generated media in the Project Media window.Fixed a crash that could occur when adding groups of MXF files to the Project Media window.Fixed a crash that could occur when editing an audio event with no media.Fixed a crash that could occur when opening an MXF file with more than 16 audio channels.Fixed a crash that could occur when Windows pen extensions are enabled (touchscreen or Wacom driver installed).Fixed an issue that could make the playhead scrubbing nonfunctional after a render.

Fixed 3D uploads by adjusting the crack sony vegas pro 11.0 32 bits method used for 3D flagging (after changed their server).
Fixed an issue that could prevent numeric fields from allowing data entry in Color Corrector and Color Corrector (Secondary).
USB.0 connection (for importing from avchd, xdcam EX, nxcam, or DVD camcorders).