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Compact handbook of computational biology

compact handbook of computational biology

Compact Handbook of Computational Biology provides detailed coverage of pragmatic analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences and structures definition and detection of motifs in nucleic acid and protein sequences protein structure prediction discrete models of biopolymers computer-assisted compact research on protein folding computer-assisted studies.
It can also serve as a practical resource for industrial executives in charge of bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics, as well as for science administrators in universities and scientific foundations.
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The handbook is designed as a reliable, integrated reference for specialists, as well as an inverter instructional manual for students and trainees in copy computational biology, bioinformatics, proteomics, molecular genetics (sometimes referred to as functional genomics and related fields.Lawyers, journalists, historians of science, forensic crack scientists, and medical professionals can also design find this text useful as a desk reference and as a guide to the literature).Computer-assisted methods play an increasingly important role in todays biological research.The assimilation of computational methods into the life sciences crack has played an important role in advancing half biological research.Comprising contributions from renowned scientists, many of whom pioneered current methodologies, train the Compact Handbook of Computational Biology offers.

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