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Ayurvedic remedies for cracked feet

ayurvedic remedies for cracked feet

When mixed with salt it will work wonderful and will show some amazing results.
Never soak your feet for any longer than 1 hour in any type of solution.
Soak your feet for 10 minutes.Pat dry with a soft cloth.In fact, if cracked you dont have much time or will to cracked put so much of efforts, just mash banana or papaya and apply this to your heels.Before going to bed, wash your feet.To take ayurvedic proper care of feet means to give them the right nourishment feet through balanced diet.Amla powder can also be used in same quantity to give a cooler and softer effect.Put pressure on the points and massage the feet to avoid feet cracked heels.A person will face dry and thickened dead skin on the heels along with the symptoms of redness, inflammation, itchiness and peeling skin.Note: This herbal foot care must be used depending upon the severity of the cracked heels.Virgin coconut oil in particular remedies is very effective.Get this: Yellow bees wax- 100 g Rock Salt (Saindhava lavanam) 100 g (get fine powder, not crystals) Powdered Guggilam (the one used for incense sticks) 100 g Black Mud (Jeguru matti, found by remedies riverside) : 100 g Jaggery powder- 100 g Honey.Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then gently scrub them with the rice flour paste. Method: Grind the candy sugar into fine powder if cracked it is ion a crystal form.
This amazing skin care product is commonly available at many homes.
To prevent cracked heel problem you have to take some precautionary steps and try out some home remedies that will help you out in healing feet feet them and to make then soft and beautiful.
Soak your feet in this solution for 10 minutes.
Avoid manual wearing shoes which feet are not comfortable for you.
For best results, do feet the treatment every night before going to bed.Ayurvedic Remedy for Cracked Heels Here is an unusual way to heal your cracked heels!You can add a bit of lemon for thorough cleansing.Mix it with a few drops of essence oil and for a paste.Continue rubbing manual for 5 min.

Rub it on your feet.
Always Remember Never use products containing acetic acid directly on the cracked and damaged area.
Homemade Herbal Foot Cream for Cracked Heels Here is yet another recipe for making a foot cream for your cracked heels, this time with certain herbs and other natural ingredients recommended in Ayurveda.