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Anritsu cma 3000 manual

Up to 8 VoIP manual calls manual or 8 isdn (PRI) calls can be generated simultaneously.
For one VoIP call at the time anritsu the voice quality measurement option can provide information on MOS anritsu and manual R-factor for the call.VoIP and isdn (PRI) call emulation can also be added as options. .The CMA 3000 equipped with.Stacked vlan option and Ethernet option the user have a powerful tool for testing such networks.With a CMA 3000 equipped with.Problems are pinpointed faster, there is less network downtime, anritsu and field visits manual are much more efficient. The modular design provides you with a clear and manual cost-effective upgrade manual path: by adding options the manual CMA 3000 becomes a highly flexible field tester with the ability to test a large number of interfaces and technologies, including IP over Ethernet, ATM, frame relay lines, and.
The Stacked vlan option supports up to 8 levels of vlan tags.
Other options turn the CMA 3000 into a very powerful and advanced signaling analyzer for GSM, gprs/edge, SS7, and isdn protocols. .
Note: This product does not support North American PDH and sonet interfaces.Mpls (Multi Protocol Label Switching) allows efficient routing of traffic in packet based networks.All-round easy-to-use test tool for the daily operation accelerates access network trouble resolution - efficiency and profitability go hand in hand.Hereby the user can golden test a congested networks manual ability to transport high priority traffic rather than lower priority traffic.With its SDH test module the CMA 3000 field test instrument also supports test and simultaneous bi-directional monitoring of SDH lines.Fault location is greatly facilitated by the high degree of portability of the robust CMA 3000.It is designed specifically for technicians who install, maintain, manual and troubleshoot mobile-access, fixed-access networks.The CMA 3000 is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including fast first-aid troubleshooting to comprehensive, roteador in-depth and all-layer analysis of transmission problems.This allows you make measurements at any suitable measuring point.Stacked vlan (Q-in-Q) is increasingly used in several types of Ethernet based networks.The All-In-One Field Tester CMA 3000 is portable, compact, and user-friendly all-in-one field tester for fixed and mobile networks.The, synchronous Ethernet Test option for the CMA 3000 allows the user to conduct Test and analysis of the Synchronous Ethernet technologies SyncE (ITU-T.826x) and of ieee 1588 v2 (PTP).Further options allow test and monitoring of Ethernet 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, 1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps lines and V-series interfaces.Mpls option and Ethernet option gives the user a powerful tool for testing with this type of traffic.